How To Pick Your Medical Scrub Uniform Outfit For Winter

Winter is here, which means ‘tis the season for layers! Shorter days and extra-dreary weather across the country call for an extra punch of protection- a fashionable, durable jacket that will keep you warm all season long. There are plenty of options at Blue Sky Co.!

From Top

  • Long Sleeves

This one’s a no-brainer, but think outside the box and consider different materials and details—it’ll make the difference between feeling frumpy, or fashionable. Find a long-sleeve top with a pretty pattern on the sleeves, or cuffs with thumb holes to keep your hands warm!

Find a staple tee you love- and purchase it in every color! Or browse a local sporting goods store for thermal underwear tops (though they may be pricy, thermal underwear is great for staying warm without adding bulk to your scrubs).

  • Jackets & Cardigans

On bitterly cold days when you feel like you can’t possibly warm up, grab that spare jacket you stow in your car, or locker! You do keep one there, right? Well, now you do!

Blue Sky’s softshell jackets are the perfect blend of cozy and comfortable. Made with breathable, weather-resistant material, these jackets are perfect for braving the wind, rain, and cold.

To Bottom

  • Long Underwear

We know how this sounds- but resist the urge to cringe for just a moment! Long underwear will undoubtedly keep you warm all day, without adding extra bulk and weight to your outfit.

  • Sweatpants

If you have to spend time out in the cold (perhaps enroute to the office?), try wearing a pair of trusty sweatpants over your scrubs- After all, you’re merely commuting, and sometimes the car can take far too long to warm up!

Blue Sky scrubs and accessories are made with the finest fabrics in the world, and designed for a phenomenal fit! From scrub hats and jackets, to customizable scrub uniforms, we strive to exceed your expectations by delivering the most professional, well-fitting scrubs on the market. To view our collection, visit our website today.