How to Perfectly Layer Your Scrub Uniform With Custom Scrubs

How to Perfectly Layer Your Scrub Uniform With Custom Scrubs

Whether you’re caught in a chilly hall or exam room, or you’re facing the brisk wind on your way into work, being cold is simply uncomfortable. Let’s solve that problem by layering our scrubwear. It can easily be done, and you’ll find yourself gloriously comfortable and warm in the end! So let’s pull out the Blue Sky Co. “closet,” and see what we can find. Order custom made surgical scrubs from us today!

Layer 1: Baselayers

Let’s start here, with baselayers. Blue Sky Co. offers them for both men and women, so there’s plenty to choose from. From the Tyler Hooded Long Sleeved Tee, to the Hudson baselayer, you’re bound to stay warm with one of these underneath your scrub top. And if it gets too warm under there, well, you always have the option to shed a layer! That’s the whole idea, right?

Layer 2: Scrub Tops

Next, we have our scrub tops. Now, there’s a lot to choose from in the “closet,” so let’s take it slow. If you’re new to Blue Sky Co., a great place to start would be either the Classic Shelby scrubs, or the Classic David scrubs. If you need a slimmer fit, go with Grey Label (for women)! Your second layer, your scrub top, will also help to keep you warm.

Layer 3: Softshell Jackets

Finally, it’s time for our last layer: a softshell jacket from Blue Sky Co.. We make the best ones! Truly, some are fleece lined, some are weather-proof, and every single jacket is made to keep you warm and comfortable. Time to go exploring!

Another option (if you’re a lady, that is) is to throw on a Blue Sky scarf! It’ll soon suit the season, and you’ll stay nice and cozy. Until you’ve found your favorite, we’re happy to layer you up and keep you comfy that way! Check out our custom scrubs online.