How To Make the Most of Your Medical Scrubs

How To Make the Most of Your Medical Scrubs

Just like a favorite pair of jeans, a great set of medical scrubs can really win you over! You may want them to last forever, even; they’re that comfortable and perfect for you. Well, with these few (simple) tips, we can help you help your scrubs to last as long as possible. Read on to find out how!

Start with Quality Scrub Wear

Start by purchasing scrubs from us, Blue Sky Co. Our scrubs are one-of-a-kind awesome and everything you’ve been searching for. Need scrubs that are wrinkle-resistant? We have them. What about pocket space? Our technical scrubs have plenty! And you can even customize pocket placement, too (as well as many other aspects).

Wash and Dry with Care

Follow the instructions on the care tag of your scrub wear. Using the right temperature water, the right type of soap, etc, will help sustain the life and quality of your medical scrubs.

Learn How to Properly Remove Stains

Learn how to properly and safely remove stains from your scrubs. Don’t use harsh chemicals, or solutions that aren’t meant for this specific fabric. Don’t worry- you’ll have it down in no time!

Use a Hot Iron for Ultimate Crispiness

Using a hot iron will help colors to set in, and your scrubs to stay crisp and professional. This is especially a good idea if you’re able to line dry your scrubs!

Make Good Use of Retired Scrubs

If you literally want the most out of your scrubs, put those old, worn out scrubs to use! You can wear them while mowing the lawn, bathing the dog, or watching the kiddos!

And there you have it, friends: five great tips on making the absolute most out of your medical scrubs! We hope they last you far longer than you anticipated, so you can enjoy that easy, cool comfort of Blue Sky scrubs