How To Make Simple Returns and Exchanges With Blue Sky

If you were dissatisfied with your scrubwear order from Blue Sky Co., don’t worry. We have a simple, convenient return and exchange policy that allows you to easily go through with your return. In this blog we hope to answer all of your questions about our returns and exchange policy.

One thing that makes our return and exchange policy very convenient for you is that every order we ship out comes with a return form in case anything wasn’t to your liking. We try to make every scrubwear and accessory item perfect for you, but if that doesn’t work our, we want you to be able to easily send it back. You’ll start this process by filling out the return form, as long as it is within 30 days of the original purchase. Then you’ll need to visit our website and print a copy of the UPS prepaid label. With this UPS prepaid label on your return item, all shipping costs will be free, all you’ll have to do is drop the item off at a local UPS.

Some stipulations may apply when you’re returning certain items purchased from us. Since the clothing will be used in clinical environments, it’ll need to be in good condition when you return it. No damage, tears, dirt or custom markings can be on the items when you return them.

If you are having to make a return to us, we apologize that the order didn’t turn out how you’d like. But we know there’s bound to be something in the Blue Sky catalog that would fit you perfectly! We make our scrubs from only the finest fabrics and they’re designed to be comfortable and stylish whether you’re working at the hospital, working out or just relaxing at home! We even have scrubs that you can customize yourself if you aren’t interested in our other items! To check it all out, please visit the Blue Sky Co. website.