How To Keep Bad Odors Out Of Your Medical Attire

Here at Blue Sky Scrubs, we know medical professionals work hard every day, and your scrubs probably get a little messy in the process.You might not smell great after working a long shift. Who can blame you? But don’t worry, because with extremely powerful odor resistant technology in your scrubs, you’ll be able to handle anything your day throws at you without having bad odors in your scrubs. Let’s talk about how odor resistance works in Blue Sky Scrubs.

Explaining Odor Resistance

We infuse the scrubs we make with odor resistant properties, which repels and releases spills and stains, eliminating the odors that build up in your scrubs along with them. That simple process will keep your scrubs cleaner and fresher throughout your whole shift! With the power of odor resistant technology, you’ll look great, smell great and feel great in your luxurious set of Blue Sky Scrubs! While we’re at it, let’s give a specific example of some of the amazing scrubs that utilize our technology to repel and release stains. Let’s talk about technical scrubs.

Technical Scrubs From Blue Sky

Our Technical Scrubs are extremely soft and stretchy, so we know they’ll keep you comfortable. And of course, they use our special odor resistant technology to repel and release stains. They’re made of 97% polyester and 3% spandex, giving them that special extra stretch that defines the way they feel. These scrubs are like activewear meets medical wear! That’s why they’re great for nearly any use, not just for wearing to work. You can wear these comfy scrubs even when you’re hitting the gym, running outside, or even just staying comfy while you relax at home.

We’ve got lots more amazing scrubs and other medical wear for you to check out. To see more what else we have available, come check out our full collection! Just visit the Blue Sky Scrubs website today to see it all!