How to Help Your Favorite Scrubs Last Longer

Sometimes we make the mistake of washing our brand new scrubs with a red sock… or we stain them with bleach, and do all but punish ourselves! It’s can be frustrating to ruin or wear out a favorite pair of scrubs, but it doesn’t have to happen. We can help you learn different ways to make those medical scrubs last as long as is possible. Just follow these simple guidelines!

After Buying, Prewash!

After your order from Blue Sky Co. arrives, wash your new medical scrubs in cool to warm water with ½ cup of vinegar (for sanitization). If they’re darker in color, definitely use cooler water. Doing so will help the colors to set in, so they’ll stay vibrant far longer.

Wear Scrubs Only at Work

Retired scrubs are great for house work, yard work, and bathing the pets. But new scrubs or scrubs that you love wearing to work… save those for your shifts. It’ll prevent wear and tear and help them last long past their normal lifespan.

Use the Right Products

Make sure you read the labels on your scrubs to find washing instructions, and not only follow them, but use the correct products. Be careful using bleach, and of course avoid cheap laundry detergents and fabric softeners that could wear your scrubs out faster. Also avoid mixing your medical uniforms with your street clothes- that can be downright gross at times, but most of the tie it’s just easier and safer to keep everything separated.

Look Over Scrubs Before Putting Them Away

If there are any stray threads, stains that aren’t quite set in, or other issues, make sure you catch them and make any possible repairs before putting them away! This will ensure that you’ll look your sharpest, most professional look when you get ready to go into work. If you have things to return we offer a 30 day money back promise. We also have lots of great scrubs accessories