How To Get the Perfect Fit with Medical Scrubs

How To Get the Perfect Fit with Medical Scrubs

If you work in the medical industry, you understand first hand the struggle of finding the perfect fit for your medical scrubs! Here at Blue Sky Co., we go to great lengths to make sure your scrubs fit you to the T through customization and by creating scrubs that are just great all around! Let’s look at a few factors that are important when considering which scrubs to buy next!

Comfort and Fit

This one’s a no brainer! Your scrubs need to be comfortable so that you’re not miserable throughout your shift. There’s nothing worse than feeling constantly aware of how uncomfortable your work uniform is.

Breathable Material

You’re going to be moving around a ton, and probably sweating from time to time. You’ll need scrubwear that’s breathable and moveable, not stifling and hot! Fortunately, Blue Sky scrubs are made to be exactly that. Their perfect fabric blend of cotton and polyester make for a cool, comfortable outfit.


Doesn’t everyone love to show off their personal style at work? Look for scrubs that fit you. You’ll be much happier in scrubwear that shows off your personal tastes and preferences, and your patients will enjoy it, too! Find your favorite colors, contrast them with your shoes, or find the perfect pattern for your scrub cap!

Long Lasting

Your scrubs need to be durable. You don’t want to accidentally rip them on a shift, or have them wear out on you too early in the game! Your scrubs need to survive many washes, and wear and tear.

We believe that Blue Sky scrubs were made just for you- in fact, we know so! So log online today to our website and view our collection. Find the perfect fit, the fit that suits you, and provides you with everything you need out of your work uniform!