How To Find the Best Scrubs for Your Hospital's Color Coding Regulations

How To Find the Best Scrubs for Your Hospital's Color Coding Regulations

Although not every hospital has adopted these regulations, there are many individuals on medical staff that are required to follow color codes for their medical scrub.

How Color Coding Started

As you know, in the medical field, there are many different specialties. When hospitals and other medical offices began diversifying their services, they grew teams of medical personnel with various specialties to treat more patients. Now, you may be wondering how color-coding ties into this… We’ll tell you:

Color-coding was the most efficient (and effective) way to differentiate staff. Since then, it’s benefited patients and medical personnel even further. When choosing colors to coordinate with specialties, professionals have studied the effects that certain colors have psychologically and on the environment.

Finding the Perfect Scrub Outfit

While these regulations may limit you to one (or a few) colors, it doesn’t mean you can’t have your ideal scrub outfit.

Quality Fabric

It all starts with the fabric. Like any good foundation, if you don’t have quality fabric - you’ll never find your “ideal” scrubs.

Quality fabric is the difference between feeling “scratchy” or “stiff” and feeling “silky” and “soft.” Nobody wants to be stuck in clothes they can’t move in! Our incredible fabric gives you an outfit that won’t restrict movement -- something that can be invaluable in the medical industry.

Alright, so we’ve covered your foundation (the fabric), let’s talk about what you want your scrubs to look like.

Scrub Customization

When you’re building onto quality fabric, you want to make sure you’re choosing something visually appealing - right? Your scrubs affect your mood, work environment, and patients more than you know -- don’t miss an opportunity to look at individualized scrub outfits!

From the top of your head all the way down to your toes, Blue Sky has you covered in customized luxury medical scrubs. You’ll be feeling like royalty - even at the end of long days.