How to Easily Accessorize Your Scrub Uniform

How to Easily Accessorize Your Scrub Uniform

Here at Blue Sky Co., we’re constantly trying to find ways to revamp your medical scrub wardrobe! We just believe things are way more fun that way! And with these ideas come accessories. Accessories are the best way to change things up a bit! Let’s talk about three ways you can accessorize your scrubs! Prepare for a shopping trip full of possibilities.


Baselayers are great for, well, layering. They go great beneath your scrubs and provide just enough warmth to keep you comfortable in those chilly hallways and exam rooms. But they’re not stifling and definitely won’t slow you down. Purchase your very own Blue Sky baselayer today and you’ll understand perfectly!

Jackets and Vests

If you’re feeling a bit chilly, why not accessorize with a jacket, or vest? We have plenty of softshell jackets for both men and women just waiting to be worn! There are several options to choose from, and all are great! So slide right into a jacket or vest from Blue Sky Co., enjoy the way it spruces up your scrub uniform, and head into work in style today!


Yes, Blue Sky Co. also carries scarves for women! There are three pattern/design options, and all are simply beautiful! You’re bound to fall in love with all three. Imagine layering up in all three of these items, starting from the baselayers to our wonderful scarves! You’d be as cozy as ever!

You may have noticed a theme among these accessories. We’re obviously preparing you for the cooler months! So gear up and get ready to head into work in style! Blue Sky Co. has you covered. Head on over to our website today to view our entire collection of scrubwear and scrub accessories. You know you’ll find something you love!