How To Customize Your Own Medical Scrubs

How To Customize Your Own Medical Scrubs

Many medical scrubs are made to fit a box. You think we’re kidding- well, we kind of are- but, you probably also know what we’re talking about. You know how scrubs don’t fit your shoulders, they feel too big and they’re not very comfortable? Well, that’s where Blue Sky Co. was founded, at the corner of boxy and ill-fitting scrubs. That’s why we created a line of scrubwear that you, yourself, can customize.

Customized Scrub Tops

Wouldn’t it be nice to have medical scrub tops that fit you in all the right ways? At Blue Sky Co., we can achieve this through customized scrubs (for both men and women). On scrub tops you can alter things such as size, style, color, pocket placement, stitching, and top length! By the end of your ordering process you’ll have a scrub top that suits you in every way.

Customized Scrub Pants

Of course, the customization doesn’t stop at scrub tops. You can alter your scrub pants, as well! You can change the size, color, style, pocket design, and inseam length. You can choose whether or not you’d like Shelby stitching around your pockets. Imagine wearing a pair of scrub pants to work that are the perfect length and size! You’ll find all of this and more at Blue Sky Co.

Benefits to Customized Scrubs

There are many benefits to having customized scrubwear. For instance, it will of course fit you well, and that’s a plus! Gone are the days of baggy pants and too-short tops. In are the days of form fitting, well made scrubs! When your scrubs fit well, you’re more likely to be more productive. You also won’t have to worry about extra clothing hindering you in any way!

For well over a decade now, Blue Sky Co. has been creating brilliant, comfortable, durable scrubwear that fits well all on its own. But the customization option is always there for you in case you need it! We just want to help outfit you in the best fitting scrubwear out there on the market