How To Choose the Perfect Pair of Medical Scrubs by Blue Sky Scrubs of Austin

How To Choose the Perfect Pair of Medical Scrubs by Blue Sky Scrubs of Austin

When you’re out shopping for medical scrubs this season, don’t forget these key factors when considering what to buy, and what to put back on the rack! At Blue Sky Co., while we offer modern, stylish medical attire, we also want our customers to feel that they’re our top priority- because you are! So we’ve compiled a short, simple list of what to look for when searching out the perfect pair of medical scrubs (we know they’re out there hiding somewhere!):

Comfort, Fit, and Style

If your scrubs fit you correctly, they’re going to be comfortable. And if they’re comfortable, you’re going to feel great! Find the right style for you. Will you go Classic Shelby scrubs or Grey Label? David scrubs, or Sullivan Slim? Maybe you’ll find a pattern or two for your scrub cap; you’ll be all set!

Pocket Space

Of course you’re going to need sufficient pocket space in your scrubs- that’s a given! You’ll need somewhere to hold your gadgets, gizmos, and other personal items; our scrubs feature one chest pocket, and two utility pockets on the scrub pants, and our lab coats will given you even more room!

Fabrics and Breathability

There’s nothing worse than stifling scrubs! You’ll need a set of medical scrubs that are both durable and breathable. This way, you’ll stay cool and comfortable throughout your shift. Also search for scrubs made from soft fabric. Medical scrubs from Blue Sky Co., for example, are made from the finest fabrics around the world and are luxuriously soft.

Blue Sky Co. goes above and beyond when it comes to scrubwear! Our products are invaluable when you consider how durable, comfortable, and stylish they are! Log online to our website today, view our collection, and find your perfect pair of medical scrubs.