How to Choose the Perfect Blue Sky Scrubs Accessories

How to Choose the Perfect Blue Sky Scrubs Accessories

What better way to accessorize your scrub outfit than with a perfect lanyard from Blue Sky Co.? That’s right, we go far beyond scrubwear to include lanyards (with matching earrings, too!) in our collection so that you can get the absolute most out of your medical uniform! Below you’ll find a few different lanyards from our selection; you can choose which lanyard you love the most!

Add a little elegance to your scrub outfit with this beaded Lavender Lilies lanyard! This lanyard, with its beautiful shades of lavender, purple, and pink, would look great with a set of pink or eggplant colored scrubs!

Our Lemon Ice lanyard is the perfect tribute to summer, and all of that lemonade you enjoyed! It’s also perfect to wear on a bright, sunny day! Or perhaps a cloudy one- so that you can be the sunshine in your patient’s day!

This beautiful Chinoiserybeaded lanyard features gorgeous shades of periwinkle and midnight blue, and would look perfect with scrubs of any shade of blue or light pink!

If you’re looking for a lanyard to show off your festivity, this Citrus Garden lanyard may be what you’re looking for! A deep, beautiful amber, this lanyard is great for the fall season- and also for inspiring optimism!

The Royalsis a lanyard that features stunning shades of cerulean and royal, deep blue. Show off your love of blue skies, or the ocean, or use it as a conversational piece for patients and coworkers! They’re sure to love it.

From medical scrubs, to lab coats, to scrub caps and lanyards, Blue Sky Co. covers it all! We’re certain you won’t be disappointed in our collection if you log online today to view it! So go ahead- give Blue Sky scrubwear a shot, and you won’t regret it!