How To Choose The Best Scrub Tops

Whether you’re a new medical professional shopping for your first scrub top, or someone who's already bought plenty of scrubs before, it can be hard to sift through all the options out there. Scrub tops come in all different shapes and sizes, and in a wide range of quality. But when you buy scrubs, you need to think about three key things; comfort, longevity, and style. If you’re not comfortable in a scrub top, don’t think it’ll last long, or don’t like the style, then that’s a scrub top you should not waste your money on. Here at Blue Sky, we know all about what makes a good scrub top, so here’s our advice on choosing the best one for you.


If you’re going to be wearing your scrub top during long shifts of intensive work, you need a top made from comfortable, stretch fabrics that never cause you any discomfort. Here at Blue Sky, we make our scrubs from only the best stretch fabrics, and you can feel the difference as soon as you try them on. If you’re looking for something especially lightweight to help you breeze through the day, we have our ultra-lightweight Air Scrub Tops for both men and women. And even just looking at the Air Scrub Tops, there are several options of tops for different preferences. If you’re looking for something with long sleeves to keep warm in your chilly hospital, check out the Paloma Long Sleeve scrub top, made with a stretchy, lightweight fabric and a super-stretchy nylon sleeve. For something equally lightweight and comfortable with extra utility, check out the Piper Cargo 6-Pocket Scrub Top, made with a flattering cut and designed to allow you to carry around everything you need. For men there’s the Ajax Technical Scrub Top, a super-stretchy, highly athletic scrub top perfect for a hard day’s work or a workout at the gym.

Oftentimes, hardworking medical professionals find themselves sweating after hours on the job, and when that sweat gets into your scrubs, it can cause discomfort and leave a bad odor on your clothes. But Blue Sky scrubs are made with special sweat-wicking fabric that keeps your scrubs dry and odorless through your whole day. The Ajax Technical scrub top we mentioned earlier has this amazing sweat-wicking fabric, and so does our Emerson Technical top for women, our Logan 2-Pocket top, and many more. The Emerson top is perfectly tailored, and pairs great with the Riley Technical pants to bring your level of comfort to the next level. The Logan 2-Pocket is an absolute classic, constructed from stretchy performance fabric, and pairs perfectly with the Landon Trouser pants.

If all these options seem overwhelming, don’t worry! What matters here more than anything is that you find a scrub top that just feels right when you wear it. If you’re looking for something simple that any medical professional can fit into comfortably, check out our Classic Scrub Tops. There’s the Classic Shelby top for women, with a relaxed fit but tailored in all the right places. The guys should be sure to check out the Classic David scrubs, a sharp, professional top made to wear comfortably all day long. These classic scrubs have been with us since the beginning, and there’s a good reason they’re still around; they make the perfect first set of scrubs. For the most picky medical professionals out there who still aren’t sure what to choose for comfort, what could be better than designing the scrubs yourself? If you have unique specifications, customize your very own scrub top on our website! We have both men and women’s custom scrub tops.


Another thing to think about when looking for a scrub top is how long it's going to last. You might find a scrub top that you love and it fits comfortably, but after just a few times putting it through the washer or dryer, all the color is gone! Or maybe after you take it out of the dryer it shrunk! These are extremely disappointing situations, and they happen all too often to medical professionals who buy the first scrub top they like without thinking about its longevity. And besides the disappointment of losing a great scrub top, it can also be very costly. You might be buying low-price scrubs, but if they don’t last long, you’ll end up spending more money to replace them than if you would’ve just bought higher quality scrubs. So be sure to keep an eye out for scrub tops that are wrinkle and fade resistant, and that are made with quality fabrics that won’t shrink as soon as you dry them. As a matter of fact, Blue Sky has plenty of scrub tops with those properties, making them built to last longer than the competition!

The Sadie Tunic scrub top is a great example of a scrub top that’s built to last, with wrinkle and fade resistance, and high quality, durable fabrics that won’t shrink after you dry them. This stretchy scrub top covers in all the right places and pairs perfectly with several different scrub pants we have available. For men, the Cambridge Scrub Top is a perfect example of durability and longevity; it also has wrinkle and fade resistance, and it's made from a lightweight but strong poly/cotton blend. But really, there are no wrong choices, since all Blue Sky scrubs are wrinkle and fade resistant. We want to make sure you have scrubs that not only feel great as soon as you put them on, but keep that level of quality day after day, no matter the circumstances.

To help your scrub tops last even longer, we recommend paying close attention to how you wash and dry them. While it's true that Blue Sky scrubs can handle the washer and dryer better than other scrubs, you should still take precautions to keep them in the best conditions possible, so they can last even longer. Pay attention to the instructions for each scrub top, since some are recommended to wash with cold water and tumble dry with low heat. For the best outcome for your scrubs, whether you’re working with Blue Sky scrub tops or not, we recommend line drying them outside or near a window. This ensures they won’t fade in color as they dry.


Once you’ve found a scrub top that feels great to wear, and you know it's made from

durable, long-lasting fabrics, the next thing you need to think about is style. Every medical professional has their own unique sense of style, and you need to find a scrub top that looks sleek, modern and professional to set you apart, all while matching your unique preferences. We take style very seriously here at Blue Sky, otherwise we wouldn’t have such a wide range of scrub tops to choose from, and so many options of colors for each top! But try not to be overwhelmed by all the style and color options, just go with whatever looks best to you.

If you like the style of a slim, modern fit with gorgeous white designer stitching, you have to check out our Grey Label Shelby scrub top! This fabulous, slim top won’t disappoint, and it's highly recommended for anyone with a particular interest in stylish scrubs. If you think you’d like a similar design but something more simple, without the white designer stitching around the pocket, be sure to check out the Grey Label Simple scrub top. When it comes to colors, there’s nothing simple about the amount of options available for this top. The Grey Label Simple top is available in 20 different colors! It has everything from black and navy blue to colors you’ve never seen in a scrub top before, like eggplant purple, wine, and olive green. The Classic David scrub top for men is a sharp, professional look that never gets old. It comes in jet black, slate grey, navy blue or ceil blue.

If you’re having a hard time finding a style that works for you or you have very specific style needs that aren’t being met, try making your own Custom Scrub Top. When you make your own scrub top, you’ll have control of the whole process. You can pick everything from the length of the top to color, style and of course, size. You can even choose exactly where you want your pockets placed and what design you want for them! These custom scrub tops are designed to fit you just right, everywhere from your arms and shoulders to your torso, so that you won’t be dealing with any discomfort during your difficult shift. Custom scrub tops are the answer when you need a level of specially curated comfort and style that other scrub tops might not provide.

We hope this has been a helpful guide on your journey to find the perfect scrub top! There are lots of options out there, but always remember to seek out comfort, longevity, and style for the best results. If any of the Blue Sky scrub tops mentioned here sounded like a good fit for you, come visit the Blue Sky Scrubs website.