How To Choose The Best Men's Scrubs

We recently wrote about how to choose the best scrub tops, and we looked at many different scrub top options for both men and women, laying out some guidelines to help medical professionals like you find the most comfortable, stylish and long-lasting tops. But today we’re going to look specifically at men’s scrubs! A lot of guys in the medical industry find it hard to get a set of scrubs that works for them, or maybe all the options out there are just a little overwhelming. Here at Blue Sky, we do everything we can to make shopping for scrubs easy and fun for our hard-working medical professionals. So let’s lay out some advice and some suggestions for guys searching for the perfect set of scrubs.

Try Lightweight Scrubs

You wear your medical scrubs day after day, all while running down the halls, attending to patients and doing hard work. Keep this in mind while you’re shopping around for scrubs. Some scrubs may look nice and feel comfortable at first, but you need to remember how much work you’ll be doing in those scrubs, and think about whether or not your new scrubs will weigh you down. Look for scrubs that are designed to be lightweight and ready to keep up with your most active days at work. At Blue Sky, if you’re looking for something super lightweight, check out our Air Scrubs for men!

The Ajax Technical Top is a great place to start. It’s made from ultra-lightweight, athletic fabric that is sweat-wicking, quick-drying and super stretchy to help you stay active and comfortable. It's made of 94% polyester, and the extra stretch comes from the 6% spandex built into the top. It comes in four different colors; black, charcoal, grey melange, and navy blue. Be sure to take your time looking at the different colors. Lightweight comfort and stretchiness is guaranteed, but if you want top-notch style, you’ll have to find the right color that looks best on you and matches your scrub pants.

Speaking of scrub pants, we have a few fantastic, lightweight Air Scrub Pants for men that can pair perfectly with the Ajax top. First up is the Gibson Technical Scrub Pants, a super lightweight pant made with the same fabrics as the Ajax Top. That means, just like the Ajax, these pants are sweat-wicking, quick-drying and super stretchy. If you have the Ajax Top paired with these pants, you’ll be able to go through a hard day’s work without any sweat sticking to your scrubs and causing a bad odor. Our sweat-wicking scrubs does a great job of staying fresh and odorless through your whole day! The Gibson Technical Pants come in the same four colors as the Ajax, another reason they make a great match. But if you’re looking for another great match with some extra utility, try the Niles Technical Cargo Scrub Pants! These pants have the same amazing fabrics, properties and even colors as the Gibson Technical Pants, but they also have extra pockets for extra storage space. If you frequently find yourself in need of more pockets to carry around what you need for a day’s work, but you still want the super lightweight and stretchable fabric of Technical scrubs, these pants are the perfect solution.

Try Classic Scrubs

There are lots of specialty scrubs out there to help meet specific needs, like our cargo scrubs we mentioned earlier, designed for medical professionals that need extra pocket space. But you may be unsure what your specific needs in a scrub are; maybe you’re just buying your first set of scrubs, or maybe you just want something more simple. Either way, Blue Sky Classic scrubs are an excellent choice. The classic scrubs are a great place to start for a new scrub shopper, and even people who have been wearing scrubs for years will love the look and feel of something classic. The David Classic scrubs have been with us since the very beginning, as one of our very first scrubs, and their charming, simple style and comfort is the reason why.

The David Scrub Top is sharp, professional and durable enough for all-day, every-day wear. It's super lightweight, with a 65% polyester and 35% cotton blend that makes it an absolute delight to wear, and makes it nearly impossible to shrink. Like our air scrubs mentioned above, it's also wrinkle and fade resistant. It has one sizable chest pocket, and comes in four different colors: jet black, slate grey, navy blue and ceil blue. If you like the sound of the David Top, be sure to check out the David Scrub Pants for the perfect match. These pants are impeccably tailored and super sharp. They have two sizable back pockets and a relaxed drawstring waist with traditional white tie. They’re made with the same unbelievably comfy fabrics as the David Top, creating the perfect classic scrub outfit.

If you want a classic scrub set but the David Scrubs don’t quite meet your needs, you should know that you can customize your very own scrubs with Blue Sky, and design them to be the scrubs of your dreams. When you customize your own scrubs, you can guarantee that they’ll fit you perfectly and be more comfortable on you through your whole shift.First up is the scrub top. When you begin customizing your scrub top, you’ll be able to choose everything from the length of the top to color, style and of course, size. You can even choose exactly where you want your pockets and what design you want for them! These custom scrub tops are designed to fit you just right, everywhere from your arms and shoulders to your torso, so that you won’t be dealing with any discomfort during your difficult shift. Now moving on to scrub pants. When you’re making the perfect pants to match your newly customized top, you can decide your own pocket placement, inseam length, and of course the color, size and style of the pants as well. There’s no better way to get a scrub suited to your needs than by customizing it yourself!

Try Sophisticated Scrubs

You’ve already seen above that here at Blue Sky, we offer only the finest scrubs that money can buy. We don’t settle for average scrubs, and neither should you! If you’ve ever bought a pair of Blue Sky scrubs before and put them on before work, you already know exactly how comfortable they are and how great you feel working in them. Even if you haven’t bought Blue Sky scrubs before, you’ve seen above that they’re made with only the finest of fabrics. You probably wouldn’t believe us if we said that we still have a pair of scrubs that would surprise you. Let’s talk about the Cambridge Scrubs.

If you’re looking to elevate your scrubs wardrobe to a whole new level, there’s nothing better than the absolutely exquisite, sophisticated Cambridge Scrub Top. This top is crafted with our lightweight poly/cotton fabric blend, and it’s tailored to perfection to keep you looking your very best day after day. You’ll feel the difference in the Cambridge Scrubs as soon as you try them on, and you’ll never want to go back to the scrubs you wore before! Whether you wear it out or tucked in, you’ll look stylish and feel great in it! There’s one chest pocket on the top, placed elegantly and with ample space. The Cambridge scrubs are also wrinkle and fade resistant!

For the perfect outfit, make sure to match it with the Cambridge Scrub Pants. These pants are hand sewn and made with a ridiculously comfortable elastic waistband, and super soft, breathable lightweight fabric. And these pants are also super functional! They’ve got two front trouser pockets and two large back pockets with velcro closure to help you carry everything you need. And guess what? Just like the Cambridge Scrub Top, these pants are also wrinkle and fade resistant! No matter how many times you wash and dry them, they’ll keep on looking great day by day.


It can be difficult to find that perfect set of Men’s scrubs, especially if you’re shopping scrubs for the very first time. We hope this advice and peek into Blue Sky scrubs has been helpful, and we want to hear your feedback if you try any of the scrubs mentioned here. Whether you try something lightweight, classic, or sophisticated, take comfort in the fact that if it's from Blue Sky, it’ll probably feel great. To check out all the scrubs we mentioned for yourself, as well as our other scrubs and accessory items, please visit the Blue Sky website. We have lots more for guys to check out than just the scrub outfits we just discussed. Be sure to check out our jackets, hoodies and vests for men, as well as undershirts and scrub hats. Helping you get into the right scrubs is a great first step, but we want to help you complete your perfect medical outfit from head to toe!