How to Best Utilize Your Medical Scrubs

How to Best Utilize Your Medical Scrubs

So you’ve finally found that perfect set of scrubs, and you don’t want to take them for granted! When it comes to clothing in general, it’s rare to find an outfit that fits absolutely perfectly, so we get it- you want this feeling to last forever! Here’s how to best utilize your scrubs, beyond the daily wear.

Pockets & Accessories

Be sure to purchase a set of scrubs with adequate pockets! What will you need to carry with you as you work? Perhaps a smartphone, notepad, pen, and glasses? Or maybe fewer items than that. Either way, it’s important to find a medical work uniform that will provide you with enough pocket space.

Recycling Your Scrubs

If money is tight and/or you’re feeling a little thrifty, don’t be afraid to reuse your old, worn out scrubs for other purposes!

  1. Yard work & Housecleaning

If you’re growing sick of having to throw out your jeans/pants after yard work, consider wearing an old set of scrubs, instead. They’re great for mowing the lawn, trimming the bushes, and weeding the flower beds. As a bonus, you won’t have to deal with any more grass or mud stains, neither will you need to replace any of your denim pants...

Scrubs are also great for house cleaning. After all, they’re meant to protect you from spills and chemicals! You won’t have to worry about bleach stains or spills, and scrubs are easy to wash afterward.

  1. Crafts

Planning on repainting the dining room? Working on a project or craft? You don’t have to sacrifice any of your t-shirts; just grab an old set of scrubs and paint away! Scrubs are perfect for shielding you from messes and paint stains.

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