How Should You Wash Your Medical Clothing?

How Should You Wash Your Medical Clothing?

Scrubs are known for their durability, versatility, and for how simple it is to wash and care for them. With that being said, though, it’s easy to make mistakes when laundering your work uniform. And these mistakes, if repeated frequently, can actually wear down your medical scrubs faster! That’s exactly why we’re here to review a few basic routines to adopt when caring for your medical clothing.

Step 1: Pre-Washing

If you’re aiming to step off on the right foot, remember to prewash your medical scrubs after purchasing, and before wearing. Prewash in cold water with ½ cup of vinegar. This process will help the colors in your scrubs settle into the fabric, helping the material to last longer.

Step 2: Spot-Treating Stains

When a spill occurs, it’s best to tend to the accident immediately in order to prevent a stain from sinking too deeply into your scrubs. You can spot treat the fabric with a damp, white cloth (in order to gauge how much of the stain you’ve absorbed). Remember to blot the stain, instead of scrubbing (no pun intended!).

Step 3: Washing

Finally, when it comes time to drop your scrubs into the washing machine, fill the tub to its larger setting, add your desired detergent, and pour in ½ cup of vinegar, or bleach, if preferred. The excess water will help your scrubs to move around and rinse more thoroughly. And of course, keep white/light-colored scrubs separate from darker colors and/or patterns.

Step 4: The Drying Process

It’s important to check to make sure your scrubs can be put into the dryer; some fabrics will need to be air dried. Once your scrubs are dry, you have the option to iron them! Using a hot iron helps them to stay fresh, crisp, and professional.

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