How Our Stretch Scrubs Are Different

How Our Stretch Scrubs Are Different

Finding a decent pair of scrubs is no easy feat -- we know this, you know this, everyone knows this. Scrubs are a staple across workplaces where coming into contact with contaminants is part of the job. Originally worn by surgeons in the operating room, scrubs are now the uniform for patient-care personnel in a variety of job functions, from physicians and nurses to physical therapists and lab technicians. They’ve also been adopted in non-hospital settings such as veterinarian and dental clinics, home health, and other medical fields. So when we say we know how hard it is to find a decent pair of  stretch scrubs, we mean it!

That’s where Blue Sky Company comes from. We’ve designed our scrubs in a way that keeps them lasting longer, fitting better, and looking brighter.


Our luxurious blend of fabric creates a comfortable and sleek material that feels incredible, looks fantastic, and is easy to maintain. Not only that, but across the entire industry more prints and fabrics are becoming available. Manufacturers of scrubs have responded to consumer interest and now provide a wider selection of fashionable outfits. More options are available besides the classic V-neck silhouette, which has also been updated and is available in more flattering cuts.

Each workplace will have its own dress code which restricts the colors, designs, and style you’re allowed to wear—there is a range of do’s and don’t across the industry, so you’ll have to check with your individual employer, but scrubs can always be worn for various occasions too!


For the convenience of our customers, we’ve made it easier-than-ever to order your medical scrubs online! Just head over to our website, navigate around to find the perfect outfit you’re looking for, and checkout! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.