How Much Can You Fit into Your Scrub Pockets?

How Much Can You Fit into Your Scrub Pockets?

It’s a busy world out there, especially inside the walls of a hospital. And what’s more- we live in a world where everyone has their own personal set of gadgets. Not just physician-related gadgets, but electronics that take up enormous amounts of space inside your pockets. But we need them, don’t we? Well, what do you carry with you throughout your shifts? A cell phone, a pager, a stethoscope, a prescription pad? We’re already imagining a pretty decently sized pocket…

Do your scrubs hold enough of your personal items?

Spacious Utility Pockets on Blue Sky Scrubs

At Blue Sky Co., we understand the struggle of not having pockets large enough to hold all of it, or not having pockets at all! We strive to provide enough storage space, and to even give you customization options when it comes to the pockets on your scrub order.

Our Classic Shelby scrubs for women feature one, wide chest pocket on the top, and it’s even fancified with white designer stitching! It’s the perfect size. The scrub bottoms include two pockets on the backside, so this outfit contains three pockets total! That’s a lot of pocket space for your electronics and other necessities. And don’t worry fellas, we haven’t left you out; our David scrubs mimic these pocket patterns.

Pockets on Blue Sky Co. Lab Coats

Ah, the lab coat, the prized possession, the most essential part of your uniform. Our Bradford Twill and Preston Twill lab coats are the ultimate statement of modernity, featuring a clinical-white stand up collar, and luxuriously soft fabrics. But of course, the pockets. Check out the pockets on our lab coats: you’ll have one chest pocket, and two lower pockets. We think that’s plenty of space for your daily necessities, but if you need more, certainly let us know on the customization page!