How Many Scrubs Do I Need As A Medical Professional

How Many Scrubs Do I Need As A Medical Professional?

Beginning your career in the medical profession is exciting, and you have chosen a career in which you will impact others and help make a difference in their lives. As you settle into your new job and become familiar with the daily routine, your coworkers, head nurses or other managers may be able to answer many of your questions.

Scrubwear is an essential part of your uniform, and ensuring you have plenty of sets for your shifts is vital to you; you may still be wondering, “how many scrubs do I always need to have some available but not have too many”?

The answer is that it is a personal decision and just like choosing the style, color, and fit of your scrubs, figuring out how many scrubs sets you will need is up to you. Here are some essential factors to consider.

4 Essential Factors To Consider

Factor #1. Think About Your Laundry

When considering how many scrubs you need to purchase, you will need to think about your laundry habits and work schedule. How often do you plan on doing laundry? If you usually do laundry every other day, you may need fewer scrub sets than if you only do laundry once a week.

Many medical professionals work 12-hour shifts, and you may not feel like doing laundry as often. Can you imagine washing your scrubs at the end of every day after a long day on your feet? That does not sound fun at all!

Many nurses, doctors and hospital workers prefer to have enough scrubwear to last for all the shifts they work in one week plus one extra set. If you are working in an area with a higher level of exposure to fluids, you may want to factor that into account for staining or needing to change more often. You can always add more as needed.

You may also want to keep an extra set in your car if you need to change or have a last-minute call to go to work.

Factor #2. Consider The Dress Code

Hospital and medical facilities' dress codes will vary, so make sure you understand the dress code of where you are working. If you can mix and match, you many need fewer scrub sets, but if you must wear the same color tops and bottoms, you may want more scrubwear sets.

Also, having an extra top and bottom just in case of a spill or stain is good. Most new nurses purchase a couple to start to ensure they like the fit and are comfortable because there are different qualities of scrubs and they are not all created equally.

Factor#3. Weather And Seasonal Changes

If you are a nurse living in Texas and are looking for modern scrubwear, and your area experiences a change of seasons, you will need to invest in both long-sleeved scrubs and jackets and lightweight scrubs for the summer season. If it is an area that gets really cold, you may even want to purchase undergarments to give you an extra layer under your scrubs.

However, if you live in southern Florida, you will most likely only need lightweight scrubs as it is rarely (if ever) cold.

Factor #4. Quality Is Important

We know price can influence your decision, but it is also essential to get the best quality of scrubs that you can afford. Less expensive scrubs fade faster after washing multiple times than higher-quality options. Higher quality scrubwear will last longer, and if you opt to buy cheaper scrubs, you will also need to replace them sooner.

Try on different brands, designs, styles, and cuts; find one that feels good and looks great on you. Remember that scrubs for men and scrubs for women also have different cuts and styles, or you can choose unisex scrubs.

Even if they are a little more expensive, you want to make your scrubs last longer, and you will save money in the long run. Comfort is essential because you will spend many hours a day in your scrubs.

These days, there are various options for scrubwear to choose from, and you surely will build up a great selection over time. Keep in mind that depending upon which area you work in as a medical professional, you also want to make sure you have enough surgical caps, compression socks, scrub hats and jackets to get you through the week.

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