How Many Pockets Do You Need?

How Many Pockets Do You Need?

How many pockets do you need on your scrubs? More than you might think! Think about all of the gadgets and gizmos you carry around: your cellphone, your stethoscope, your gum, and many other different items! Those items take up space… but don’t worry; at Blue Sky Co., our scrubs have plenty of pocket space!

Shelby and David Classic Scrubs

Both sets of Shelby and David scrubs, our classic scrubs, have one chest pocket that will likely carry your stethoscope, or cellphone. They also have one secret pocket on the inside! You can store your jewelry here, or maybe your key. And finally, on the bottoms of these scrubs, there are two pockets on the back!

Technical Scrubs

Our Technical scrubs have the most pockets! With one chest pocket on the top and a secret inside pocket, these scrubs also have four pockets on their bottoms! That’s an enormous amount of pocket space! So if you have a lot to carry around, Technical scrubs are the way to go! And you’re in luck, because these scrubs are incredibly comfortable!

Lab Coats

Lab coats from Blue Sky Co. have three pockets: two lower utility pockets that are great for storing pagers, keys, or your stethoscope. They also have one chest pocket. A lab coat adds an extra layer to your scrub uniform, and that means having an extra layer of pockets!

Blue Sky co. strives to bring you scrubwear with not just plenty of pockets, but durable, lightweight, breathable, and long-lasting fabrics! Our scrubs are growing more in popularity for how simply comfortable they are; you’ll want to wear these scrubs after work for sure! So log online today to view our collection and perhaps you’ll fall in love with a set of brand new medical scrubs! Visit our website here.