How Many Pockets Do You Need in Your Medical Scrubs?

How Many Pockets Do You Need in Your Medical Scrubs?

During your shift, we’re certain you’re carting around quite a few items; a stethoscope, a cellphone or pager, a prescription pad, maybe? With so many gadgets and gizmos, you need adequate storage room on your medical scrubs! At Blue Sky Co. we design our medical uniforms with plenty of pockets, so you never have to worry about not having enough space for that chapstick, or your tissues!

Pockets on Shelby & David Scrubs

Let’s talk the tops of our Shelby and David scrub collections. Our David scrubs feature one chest pocket, perfect for your most necessary item, as it’s so easily accessible. And of course these scrubs are absolutely luxurious- we know you’ll love them.

Shelby scrubs also have one chest pocket, with gorgeous white designer stitching that really accentuates the scrub top. You’ll be able to carry your cellphone or pack of tissues with no problem. This top is tailored with an hourglass shape, and made from soft, breathable material. You’ll be comfy, cozy, and professional!

Make Adjustments

Don’t forget: Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.If you visit our customization page, you’ll find that you can even make adjustments to the placement of your pockets! We want every scrub set you order to work out flawlessly.

And now, for the bottoms! You didn’t think we’d leave those out, did you?

Our David scrub pants feature two back pockets, a relaxed fit, and a drawstring to suit your comfort. They’re lightweight pants, made from 65% polyester and 35% cotton. Like our other scrubs, they won’t shrink, and are wrinkle and stain-resistant!

Shelby scrub pants also have two back pockets, a drawstring, and the relaxed fit we love to brag about! These pockets also feature our infamous white designer stitching. It’s all in the detail.

To view our entire selection of medical scrubs, be sure to check out our website today!