How Long Do Your Medical Scrubs Last?

How Long Do Your Medical Scrubs Last?

Have you ever had trouble helping your scrubs to last long? And how long are they typically supposed to last? Well, it’s hard to say. It depends on how often you wear them, and what type of work you do! But if you follow the guidelines below, your scrubs will be sure to last as long as possible! It’s really all about giving your scrubs the TLC that they deserve. And of course- don’t forget to check out the amazing collection of scrubwear that Blue Sky Co. has to offer.

Give Your Scrubs a Pre-Wash

When you first purchase your scrubs, it’s important to give them a prewashing! This makes sure that your scrubs are completely sanitized, and also helps the colors set in.

Use the Hot Iron

It may feel like an old fashioned practice, but ironing your medical clothing has its benefits. Hot ironing helps your scrub colors stay vibrant, and also gives them a clean, crisp feeling!

Line Dry Your Scrubs

Instead of using the dryer, try line drying your scrubs! The dryer can cause extra wear and tear on your scrubs; we certainly don’t want that! So set up a clothesline, and do what’s best for your Blue Sky scrubs.

Only Wear Your Scrubs at Work

To avoid extra wear and tear on your scrubs, only wear them at work. If you’re wearing them at home, you’re putting extra wear and tear on them!

Start Out with Quality Medical Attire

Of course, it’s always best to start with scrubs that are going to outlast other brands. This puts you ahead of the game. Find scrubs that are durable, comfortable, and luxuriously soft (like Blue Sky scrubs).

Here at Blue Sky Co., we go above and beyond and never stop working to bring you the most revolutionary scrubwear on the market! That’s why we recommend starting with our brand. You’ll simply love settling into a soft set of Blue Sky medical scrubs!