How Is Our Scrub Fabric Different?

How Is Our Scrub Fabric Different?

Here at Blue Sky Co., we like to brag about our scrubs being made from the finest fabrics in the world. And it’s true! Our scrubs are luxuriously soft to the touch; you’ll love wearing them to work (and maybe even outside of work!). Below we’re going to review our fabrics, and what makes our line of scrubwear so different from all of the rest! Go on… you know you want to keep reading!

Classic Shelby and David Scrubs

To start, you’ll love this line of classy, comfortable scrubs. Our classic Shelby and David scrubs are both made of 65% polyester, and 35% cotton. They won’t shrink, and are wrinkle and fade-resistant, and they’re impeccably soft!

Grey Label Scrubs

These scrubs, our Grey Label collection, are also made from 65% polyester material and 35% cotton, like our aforementioned Shelby and David scrubs. They’re wrinkle and fade-resistant, won’t shrink, and are lightweight and breathable! They’re comfortable inside and outside of work; we’re betting that you’ll be surprised at how they fit, and how much you love them!

Technical Scrubs

Blue Sky’s Technical scrubs for women are soft and stretchy, with 4-way stretch for ultimate mobility! These are our most comfortable scrubs; they’re perfect for wearing while you’re lounging around on the weekends!

Blue Sky Co. strives to bring you scrubwear that is not only flexible and lightweight, but is also moveable, breathable, and luxuriously soft. We use the finest fabrics found around the world to bring you such revolutionary scrubwear, and we know that you’ll notice a difference in our brand! So go on, log onto our website today and view our collection. You’ll find just what you’re looking for, will be able to customize your scrubs, and you'll fall in love- all in one trip! Happy shopping!