How Does the Color of Your Scrubs Affect Your Patients?

How Does the Color of Your Scrubs Affect Your Patients?

If you’ve been wearing the same ‘ol scrubs each day, consider changing it up, and adding some color to your wardrobe! Did you know that colored and patterned scrubs may actually have a positive effect on your patients? It’s true! Perhaps we should all dress in bright, vibrant colors to raise the spirits of those around us. Let’s look at a few different colors, and what they may represent to our patients!


Black is the color of authority. When you wear black scrubs, your patients will feel assured, and know that they can trust in you.


Blue is a calming, focused color- and it’s available in many shades. You can choose which blue you’d like: ceil blue scrubs, royal blue, or navy blue scrubs navy blue scrubs; each is bound to be liked by your patients and coworkers!


Pink is a gentle and comforting color, and is usually associated with pediatrics. It tells your patients that you truly care and are here to help.


Red is a strong, vibrant color. It gives off a feeling of confidence that your patients will appreciate. When they’re not feeling up to par, you can help supplement by wearing strong, inspiring colors!


Shades of purple scrubs and lavender are known for their calming effects, too! These scrubs would be perfect for an anxious or nervous patient.


If you want to brighten a patient’s day, yellow is the way to go. Who can help but smile at the sunshine? Who can help but smile at a pair of quality yellow scrubs?

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