How Do You Spend Your Day in Scrubs?

How Do You Spend Your Day in Scrubs?

Medical scrubs have come such a long way since their creation. From street clothes, to drapes, to gowns, to uncomfortable outfits, and finally- to scrubs with such quality as those from Blue Sky Co.! It’s no wonder we’re finding so many unconventional uses for them, but boy are we excited about it!

Scrubs aren’t only great for the hospital setting. They’re useful at home, at the dog park, in the backyard, and so many more places! How do you spend your day in scrubs?

Bathing and Grooming Pets

How many times has your pet “shook,” too early, and soaked your t-shirt or entire outfit, even? Too many times, we’d say. But slipping a scrub top over your shirt will keep you dry and free of mud, dirt- anything that floats off of Fido and onto your clothing. They’re also great for wearing to the dog park, as that can be one of the messiest places you take your pet.

Getting Messy on the Playground

Mud stains no longer need to be feared! If you’re a babysitter or a daycare worker, consider wearing a scrub set while you’re watching and playing with the kiddos. Your clothes will stay clean, and the kids will fall in love with the cutesy patterns that are available for scrub sets.

Spring Cleaning

Sometimes cleaning calls for the use of bleach, and sometimes that means that our clothes get ruined or stained terribly. But with medical scrubs you don’t really need to worry about bleach or chemical stains, as they can be washed easily, or replaced cost-effectively.

You’ll also clean more comfortably wearing our classic Shelby or David scrubs from Blue Sky Co.! They’re made from the world’s finest fabrics, and are wrinkle and fade-resistant. The tops feature side slits to help you move around with ease, and Blue Sky will customize them to suit your specific needs. Log on today and view our collection!