How Can You Keep Scrub Fabrics from Fading?

How Can You Keep Scrub Fabrics from Fading?

One of the questions we get most frequently about medical scrubs is about how to keep the fabrics from fading. Unfortunately, this is an issue we all deal with with most of our clothes- but fortunately, here at Blue Sky Co., we have some solid tips that will help you keep your medical uniforms looking brand new!

Before You Wear Your Scrubs

The best way to handle your new medical scrubs is to pre-treat them in the wash. Washing them on a cold setting before wearing them for the first time will help to preserve the colors in the fabric.

When They’re Dirty

After a wear (or two- depending on the shift), it’s probably time to give them another wash. Before tossing your uniform into the drum, remember these tips:

Only Wash With Similar Colors

Just like your regular laundry, your medical scrubs need to be washed all together, and not mixed in with other clothing that could stain, discolor, or fade the fabric.

Use Proper Detergent

There are many different detergent products on the market these days. When it comes to washing your scrubs, search for a detergent that will help reduce fading.

What Not To Do

Now that we’ve covered the couple of things you should do when it comes to protecting your scrub fabric from fading, we’re going to give you a couple things you shouldn’t do.

First and foremost; if you wear any sort of fragrance, try to keep away from spraying the solution directly onto your medical scrubs. Since these solutions use many different kinds of substances, the mixture tends to cause staining, fading, and discoloration. An easy alternative is to just spray your favorite fragrance under your scrubs- you’ll get the same effect and you won’t risk damaging your best work uniform!

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