How Blue Sky Scrubs Compare-Top Ten Scrub Companies

How Blue Sky Scrubs Compare-Top Ten Scrub Companies

How do Blue Sky scrubs compare to other brands? What separates them from all of the rest out there in the medical scrub world? Well, we’re here to layout five perks to wearing Blue Sky scrubs, and we’re excited to show them off!

Teflon Protection Technology

In our Bradford and Preston lab coats, you’ll find Teflon Protection Technology. This technology simply repels and releases stains, but it makes a world of difference when it comes to cleaning and caring for your lab coat!

Odor Resistance

Our scrubs are made with Odor Resistant Technology, that, well, does what it sounds like it does! Your scrubs will stay smelling fresh all shift long- should you experience absolutely zero spills or accidents!


Next, our scrubs will not shrink! They fit you to perfection and they’ll stay that way. There should be no more worrying about your scrubs not fitting “eventually.” That won’t happen! Isn’t that a comfort?

Fade Resistant

Blue Sky scrubs are also fade-resistant! So those vibrant colors your love so much on your Shelby scrubs will remain through many a shift! Your scrubs will continue looking bright and stylish; you won’t have to worry about fading.

Luxurious Fabrics

Lastly, Blue Sky scrubs are made with absolutely luxurious fabrics! Most of them are made from a perfect blend of cotton and polyester, some are made with spandex, and others are made of cotton twill; it all depends on what you’re looking at! But each piece of scrubwear is made from the most fine fabrics we could find!

It can be very easy to view all scrubs as the same. But in fact, each brand varies from one another! Here at Blue Sky Co., we believe our scrubs stand out from all of the rest. But go on, see for yourself! We hope you’re convinced.