Highest Performance Medical Scrubs from Blue Sky Co.

When we designed our line of scrubs, here at Blue Sky Co., we had performance in mind. How would these scrubs compare to others? How could we design scrubwear that checks all the boxes for a medical professional? We truly believe we’ve nailed it, but that’s not keeping us from expanding our line, either.

Whether you need a pair of scrubs that simply fits or you’re looking for something with more storage, or you want to be able to move better in your medical clothing, we’ve got you covered.

Classic Shelby Scrubs

It all started here, friends, with our Classic Shelby scrubs. These scrubs are definitely high performance and meant to fit you perfectly. There are several benefits to choosing these scrubs over other brands. For instance, they’re made with odor-resistant technology, have beautiful white designer stitching around the pockets, are movable and breathable, and even have a secret pocket on the inside!

Classic David Scrubs

For men, we like to start out with our high performance David scrubs! They’re made with a sleek, professional, classic fit. They have plenty of pocket space to hold your personal items, with two pockets on the pants, one chest pocket, and one secret pocket. These scrubs are all you need and more!

Grey Label Petite Scrubs

Are you searching for a more petite fit? We told you: Blue Sky Co. has you covered when it comes to all fits and sizes. Our Grey Label scrubs are perfect for those with a smaller frame. And yes, you get all of the perks of Shelby scrubs (odor resistant technology, secret pocket space, and white designer stitching).

No matter what type of fit you’re looking for, you can find it in our high performance scrubwear! We even offer customizable scrubs in case you need a longer (or shorter) pant leg, or a scrub top with a different length! You can even adjust pocket stitching and placement. Just let us know what you need, and we’ll always do our best to make it happen!