Help Your Work Wardrobe Last the Longest

Help Your Work Wardrobe Last the Longest

So you’ve recently ordered a new set of scrubs (or maybe even multiple sets?) and now you’re so in love, you want them to last as long as possible. Here at Blue Sky Co., we totally understand! That’s why we’ve compiled five great tips for keeping your medical scrubwear in tip top shape!

Give Your Scrubs a Pre-Wash

Pre-washing your scrubs isn’t just for sanitary purposes. Although, it does help, especially if you add ½ cup of white cleaning vinegar to the load of laundry! But what does pre-washing also do for your scrubs? It helps the colors to set in! So your brand new scrubs can stay vibrant for much longer.

Avoid Using the Dryer

After your scrubs have been pre-washed, don’t put them into the dryer. The dryer is much more efficient, we know, the struggle is real. But we all know that the dryer’s heat could lead to colors fading. Abrasion can also occur with your scrubs rubbing against each other. Hang your scrubs up to dry!

Line Dry Your Scrubs

A clothesline is relatively easy to install, and can even be installed on an apartment balcony! If you line dry your scrubs, you’ll be preserving their colors, helping their fabrics to last longer, and ultimately helping your scrubs to last longer!

Spot Treat Stains Quickly

Accidents happen all of the time. It’s important to spot treat stains as soon as a spill occurs to prevent it from permanently staining your scrubs and ruining them! Blue Sky Co. recommends keeping a stain removal stick in your locker for, well, sticky situations!

Save Your Scrubs for Work

Lastly, save your scrubs for work. We know they’re extremely comfortable and you’d like to lounge in them on the weekends, but if you only wear them at work, they’ll last you a lot longer! Trust us; you’ll be thanking yourself in the long run.

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