Having Trouble Finding The Right Size Scrubs? Try Grey Label Petite

Every medical professional out there has unique needs for their scrubwear, and here at Blue Sky Co. we want to help everyone fit into their perfect match. If your current scrubs are too baggy when you try to put them on, then it could be making your performance at work worse, or your mood. If this is your situation then you’re in luck, because here at Blue Sky we offer the Grey Label Petite Scrubs! Let’s talk about how these scrubs can keep you looking professional and feeling comfortable throughout your whole shift.

Grey Label Tops

When we first made these scrub tops, we had petite medical professionals like you in mind, and that gave us a result that we know you’ll love. You’ll still want to wear it when you get home from work! The Grey Label Shelby Scrub Top is wrinkle and fade resistant, it won’t shrink, it has side slits at the hips that help you move around more easily, and it's made to be super comfy with 65% polyester and 35% cotton. And don’t forget about our gorgeous white designer stitching.

Grey Label Pants

As with any great scrub top, you’ll need an equally great pair of scrub pants to match it. The Grey Label Shelby Scrub Pants are also designed specifically for the petite wearer! They’re made with the same super-comfy fabrics as our Grey Label Top, and they’ve got everything you need from a fit low rise to a slim straight leg. And of course, since we care about style, both the top and the pants come in several different colors for you to choose from. What’s not to love about these gorgeous petite scrubs?

So if you’re done going to work in those baggy, uncomfortable scrubs, stop by the Blue Sky Co. website and pick up some Grey Label Shelby Scrubs today!