Guidelines for Wearing Scrubs Outside of Work

Guidelines for Wearing Scrubs Outside of WorkIf you’ve ever worn a pair of Blue Sky scrubs, you already know how comfortable and luxurious they feel. You may get off of work some days and want to keep your scrubs on just because of how comfortable they are! Well, we’re here to let you know that sometimes that’s actually a great idea! Now of course, there are some situations where wearing scrubs outside of work isn’t necessarily a good idea. Meeting up with friends at a bar while wearing your scrubs might be a bit awkward! But in certain situations, your scrubs are actually very beneficial!

Keep Sanitation In Mind

When it comes to wearing scrubs outside of the workplace, make sure you keep them very clean. If you’re coming straight out of work and you plan on going out in public with your scrubs, it would be best to throw them in the washer first or change into a fresh pair. Once you do that and you’ve got a fresh pair of scrubs on, feel free to get out there! Hit the gym and get a workout! Our breathable, comfy scrubs are perfect for working out in.


Besides going out somewhere in public, your scrubs can be very useful for doing work around the house. If you’re doing any cleaning, working on a car, or doing some kind of arts and crafts project at home, putting on a pair of Blue Sky scrubs might be perfect. The breathable fabric will help you stay comfortable, and you won’t have to worry about getting bleach or other cleaning chemicals on your good clothes. Using old scrubs that you don’t wear to work anymore is perfect, since staining them won’t matter!

Blue Sky Co.

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