Group Ordering Through Blue Sky Co.

Group Ordering Through Blue Sky Co.

If you’ve ever needed to place a bulk order of medical scrubs for your hospital, you know how chaotic the process can be at times! But here at Blue Sky Co., we try to make the process as simple for you as possible. Below, we’ll explain the perks of group ordering, and the entire process done by Blue Sky Co.. You’ll soon see that it’s a lot easier than what you were anticipating!

Why Order in Bulk?

So, why order medical scrubs in bulk after all? Well, first, it’s far more cost efficient. For instance. Blue Sky Co.. offers a discounted price for an order of at least fifteen sets of scrubs are purchased! Like most things, buying a lot at once is cheaper than buying slowly, over time. Plus, sometimes you need to stock the whole hospital, in which case you have no choice!

Group Ordering at Blue Sky Co.

It’s an easy process, we promise. If you’d like to place a group order of medical scrubs through Blue Sky Co., you’ll be amazed at how great our customer service is! We make the process smooth and easy for you, and even assign a corporate account specialist to your order to make sure everything goes as planned. Are you feeling more at ease, now?

Blue Sky Scrubs

Lastly, we want to tell you all about our scrubwear! It’s the most impressive, top of the line scrubwear you’ll ever find. And some of our different styles of scrubs are made with medlesiure fabric that’s basically where athletic wear meets scrubwear! Our scrubs are so comfortable, we’ll bet you’ll want to wear them after work!

If you’re interested in our Blue Sky scrubs, or in placing a group order, don’t hesitate to log onto our website! We’ll be happy to help you through anything you might need.