Gift For A Nurse - Holiday-Themes For Your Scrubs

Gift For A Nurse - Holiday-Themes For Your Scrubs

This season, spread your holiday cheer by incorporating fun, festive prints into your scrub uniform! There are many ways to do this, not only with your scrubs, but also with accessories that match and contrast with your work uniform. Below, we’ve listed the three most common accessories that we bring with us to work, which can all be customized to celebrate the season.

And don’t worry; we’ll also tell you all about our collection of high-quality, professional medical scrubs along the way!


If your uniform allows for it, patterned scrubs are a perfect way to cheer up the moods of your patients, or even your coworkers. Sometimes a change in routine is all we need- and what easier way to do it than with our wardrobe?

Blue Sky scrubs are made with soft, flexible material that’s lightweight and wrinkle-resistant. You’ll be comfortable, snug, and cheery!

Add a touch of festivity to your medical uniform by pairing your classic black Shelby scrubs with this scrub hat: A hot pink background, decorated with a string of silver lights.

Scrub Hats

Our scrub hats are known for their versatility; each type, whether it be our Poppy, Pixie, or Pony scrub hat- is specifically designed to suit your needs. It only gets better when you choose a festive pattern such as “Caribou Christmas,” or “Candy Land.”


Lanyards, aside from their obvious usefulness are great for showing off your holiday spirit! You can do this simply by choosing a holiday-themed lanyard, or by adding pins and decorative buttons. These are also great conversation starters for your patients!

Blue Sky carries so many prints available for scrubs and scrub hats; we couldn’t possibly list all of them in one paragraph! Head on over to our website today- we have numerous holiday-themed patterns that are bound to bring you joy this season!