Getting Creative: Designing Custom Scrubs

Here at Blue Sky Co., we’ve been providing medical professionals with super comfortable scrubs, lab coats, hats and accessories for years. We have a huge collection of all these different items with tons of options for style and comfort! But did you know that if you aren't satisfied with any of these options, you can even design your own set of custom scrubs? Let’s take a look at everything you can customize with Blue Sky custom scrubs!

Scrubs For Any Environment

When it comes to customizing your own set of scrubs, we want to make sure you have an option for everything. Work in a cold hospital or other medical facility and you want to stay warm? You can do that with our custom scrubs. Need to stay cool while you’re hard at work instead? Our custom scrubs can handle that too. Need some extra stretch to help you move around in your scrubs? Customization can do that too! No matter what your work environment is or what feel you want on your scrubs, you can customize it.

Design Details

When you start the process of designing your custom scrubs, you’ll begin by choosing quantity, style and size. Next you’ll choose the color. There are nine amazing color options for women’s scrubs and four for men’s scrubs. You can even customize the size and placement of the pockets and the length of the scrub top, as well as the inseam of the pants! You can even leave special notes about how you want your scrubs made! We want to make sure you’re perfectly comfortable and satisfied when you order from Blue Sky.

Our Delivery Process

After your order is placed, your scrubs will need time to be designed exactly as you ordered, the delivery can take about six to eight weeks. But we know that as soon as you feel your new custom scrubs, it’ll be worth the wait. To start designing your own scrubs today, just visit the Blue Sky Co. website.