Get The Best of Customization With Blue Sky Scrubs

You may have been to the Blue Sky Co. website before and seen that we offer the most luxurious, comfortable scrubs on the market and a whole wide range of jackets, undershirts and accessories. But If you look through our entire selection and still can’t find exactly what you need in scrubwear, did you know that you can custom-make your very own scrubs?

Comfort and Temperature

When it comes to customizing your scrubs, we’ve done everything we can to give you all the options you’ll need to get the ideal comfort and feel. These are scrubs you’ll be wearing all the time at work, so you’ve got to make sure they feel great! With custom scrubs, you can put together the perfect outfit to face any temperature, and of course we have customizable options available for both men and women.

Designing Your Look

You’ll start by choosing the quantity, style and size of your order. We have several different size options for both men and women. Then you’ll choose the color of the scrubs, and we have all kinds of vibrant colors for you to browse! You’ll even be able to customize pocket design, pocket placement, the length of the scrub top or the inseam of the pants! After you’ve designed your scrubs, you can leave us additional comments regarding specific requests for design or deliver, so that we can ensure we make your scrubs exactly as you need them.


Since these special fabrics need to be cut and sewn to meet your specific requirements, the order could take six to eight weeks before it arrives. But if you make an account on our website you can track your orders and see exactly when it will arrive for you. And we know that once you try on these amazing scrubs, it will have been worth the wait!