Get Ready For Halloween With These Spooky Scrub Hats

At Blue Sky Scrubs, we provide medical professionals with everything they need for a complete, stylish and comfy outfit to take into the medical workplace. That also includes bringing you special accessories to spice up your outfits for the holidays. If you’re getting excited for halloween, show your excitement with one of these unique halloween-themed scrub hats.

Super Comfy Caps

All of our scrub caps are made with ultra-lightweight, breathable, 100% cotton fabric. We have three main categories of scrub hats to choose from, and you can find these festive halloween patterns on each one. Try the Pixie Scrub Cap for a simple yet comfortable feel. Then there’s the Pony Scrub Cap, which has a longer design to allow for more of a ponytail look. Finally, we have the Poppy Scrub Cap, which gives even more room for hair. Now let’s take a look at some of the spooky halloween patterns on these caps!

House On Haunted Hill

The scene is set at midnight with the full moon shining bright, and a silhouette of a wicked witch waiting to make her move on the eerie old houses on Haunted Hill. For a complete look, pair this creepy cap with light gray scrubs and black long sleeve tee.

Haunted Shelfie

This frightening scrub cap shows a witch’s closet filled with bubbling cauldrons, alluring potions, old spell books, and a creepy collection of animals ready to pounce. The witch’s spell is luring you to match this cap with charcoal gray scrubs and a black medical jacket.

Caught In A Web

This creepy cap displays skeletons caught in a web of doom and gloom over a charcoal and black halloween night. Pewter gray scrubs topped with a black hospital scrub vest makes for the perfect combo to go with this creepy cap.

To check out all of these styles and get your new spooky scrub hat in time for halloween, visit the Blue Sky Scrubs website.