Gearing Up for Fall: Women's Baselayers

Gearing Up for Fall: Women's Baselayers

It’s that time of year again. Some mornings, you may feel a little chilly, but you know it’ll warm up outside as the day goes on. That’s how we experience fall here in Texas. But don’t worry; we’ve still got you covered here at Blue Sky Co., because we know your very work environment can be chilly, too! Let’s explore ways to keep you warm. Shall we, ladies?

Tyler Hooded Long Sleeved Tee

This tee will blow you away. It’s everything you ever wanted in a baselayer; you just didn’t know it yet! The added bonus here is obviously the hood. It’ll keep you plenty warm on the way into work! Although we don’t suggest wearing it inside; that’s likely against your dress code. But throw this tee on, and you’re ready to hit the hallways- or the gym!

Aston Stretch Polos

If you ever needed a staple for your wardrobe, this is it! It’s perfect. It’s made to fit you well, available in professional shades, and stretches where it needs to! It has a ribbed collar and ribbed sleeve edging to really give it that polo feel. And it looks great paired with any of our scrub pants!

Windsor Long Sleeved Tee

Here’s another great baselayer for women! And sadly, it’s our final baselayer. But it’s one of our favorites! This baselayer is an essential for your wardrobe. The fabrics are just wonderful. It’s stretchy, and soft, made out of 95% cotton and 5% spandex jersey knit! We think you’ll find it plenty comfortable!

Blue Sky Co. is great at keeping you warm in the workplace! Just toss on a baselayer (we have them for men, as well), vest, or jacket! Layer your scrubs to stay warm in those hallways. That’s the secret, friends! So relax, because you’ve finally found a way to feel comfortable at work. By wearing Blue Sky scrubs! For a complete collection of scrub caps visit