For Chilly Mornings: Blue Sky Undershirts and Vests

Spring may have arrived, but that doesn’t mean that we won’t have the occasional cool front, leaving mornings at a damp, chilly 60 degrees or below. You might want an extra layer or two to keep you warm on your way into work, and maybe through the first couple hours of the morning. At least until the day warms up, right?

So where do you begin? Well, you begin at Blue Sky Co. as always! Blue Sky Co. offers vests, jackets, and undershirts that are superior in every way- just let us tell you about them!

Undershirts from Blue Sky Co.

Undershirts are just about always a good idea, no matter the weather. But they’re especially important and helpful on chilly days. You’d be surprised what that thin layer of clothing can offer you! At Blue Sky Co. you have the choice between a Windsor long sleeved shirt, or a polo: Either the Aston stretch polo, Henley polo, or Hampton. Each are as comfortable as ever, and can be worn either underneath your scrubs, or without your scrubs- underneath your vest!

No matter how you choose to wear your Blue Sky gear, you’ll look polished and professional- stylish, even!

Softshell Vests

Available in colors such as eggplant, navy, black, and cream, the Kensington softshell vest is perfect for that brisk walk into work! These revolutionary vests are as soft as ever- made from the world’s most luxurious fabrics, just like our medical scrubs! With their relaxed fit, you’ll be able to maintain your same pace at work, and you’ll be more comfortable while you do it! They’re available in sizes XS thru XL, provide you with a pocket on the chest, and feature a form-flattering cut with a stand up collar. Does that sound stylish, or what?