Flawlessly Made Undershirts for Women

Flawlessly Made Undershirts for Women

Blue Sky Co. is known for flawlessly fitting medical attire- even when it comes to undershirts! We’re constantly trying to find new ways to bring you the most comfortable medical uniforms around, and that starts here, with our infamous Windsor Long Sleeved Tee, and our more-luxurious-than-ever polo shirts! So just sit back, and let us keep you cozy!

Blue Sky’s Windsor Long Sleeved Tee

It’s summertime, so you may not be layering your scrubs all that much, but this tee is perfect for doing just that- or for lounging around with a pair of scrub pants! It’s also great for chilly procedure rooms and hallways, if your workplace keeps the atmosphere more on the cold side. This tee is made of a flawless fabric blend of 95% cotton and 5% spandex, which is comfortable, breathable, and moveable!

What’s also great with a set of cozy  scrub pants? A polo! Our modern Aston Stretch Polo is also made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex, the perfect blend to keep you comfy. Whether you wear it at work, or wear it on the weekend, you’re bound to love it!

Classic Shelby and  David Scrubs

Our Classic Shelby and David scrubs for men and women are perfectly tailored to suit you! They’re made from the finest fabrics we could find, and, get this- they’re wrinkle and fade-resistant! They’ll last you close to forever, especially compared to other scrubs- and if you take care of them properly. Just wash them in cold water, and tumble dry them on low!

Choose Blue Sky Co., and you won’t regret it. Instead, you’ll be sporting the most modern, luxurious medical scrubs around, and you’ve love it. From undershirts to full on scrub sets, we have what you need- with great customer service, too!