Lab Coats: Whiten Your Wardrobe-

Want to look good while you’re doing what you’re best at? Then suit up in a luxurious lab coat from Blue Sky Co.! Our lab coats are made with cutting-edge design, they fit well with high functionality, and they’re made of the finest fabrics. What’s not to love? Below you’ll find information on both our Bradford and Preston Twill lab coats!

The Bradford Twill Lab Coat

You definitely need this coat. Our infamous Bradford Twill lab coat is made of unbelievably soft cotton twill, and has Teflon Protection Technology, which repels and releases stains. Thank goodness, right? It’s so easy to have an accident and ruin that bright white! But luckily, Blue Sky’s coats are easy to care for!

The Preston Twill Lab Coat

Your wardrobe has been craving this lab coat for a long time! The Preston Twill lab coat also has that amazing Teflon Protection Technology! So it will effortlessly look clean and fresh on you. It also has a modern, stand up collar that we just can’t brag about enough. It really makes the whole “look!”

If you’re looking to either replace your lab coat, or purchase a spare coat, Blue Sky Co. is a great company to shop from. So much personal touch goes into making our scrubs; we hope you love them just as much as we do. So dive right into our collection of lab coats, but certainly don’t stop there! There’s just so much to see.

From medical scrubs to lab coats and more, Blue Sky Co. has everything you need to gear up for your career! Just log online to our website, view our stunning collection of modern and stylish medical scrubs, and customize them to suit you perfectly! You’ll love what you find at Blue Sky Co.; we can guarantee that!