Finding Comfortable and Practical Shoes for Medical Work

Finding Comfortable and Practical Shoes for Medical Work

It may have been a tiresome process, but it’s finished, and you feel the results throughout your entire body: Not only are you wearing brand new medical scrubs, but… You’ve also found the perfect pair of shoes!

You need shoes supportive enough to keep you comfortable through round-the-clock shifts, and durable enough to outlast more than just a couple of washes. Put simply, gone are the days of re-purposing old gym shoes. Next time you’re shoe shopping, consider the following few guidelines:


Before finalizing any purchases, it’s important to make sure your scrubs/shoes abide by your company’s dress code policy. This is, of course, the very first rule to mastering the art of first impressions.

If your company does not have a specific dress code instilled, then let your creativity soar! Find a pair of bright, colorful sneakers and match them with a popular scrub cap from Blue Sky Co. Choose from either a poppy,pixie, or pony scrub cap- each designed for your favorite hairstyle!


In this particular line of work, you can count on spending the majority of your shift (if not the entirety) on your feet: standing, walking, pacing, or even jogging- but rarely sitting! It can’t be stressed enough that your shoes should fit comfortably from the firsttime you try them on, until the end of your shift.

Ill-fitting shoes can negatively impact your posture, and also cause minor to severe pain in the feet, legs, knees, and back.


If you’re rushing through crowded, sometimes-slippery hallways and turning corners at sharp angles, you need to know that your shoes will grip the floor. With spills, constant cleaning, and wet-floor signs everywhere… sufficient traction should be a deal breaker!

So, after you’ve found your favorite Blue Sky scrubs, don’t forget to purchase a pair of shoes that suit you- and your work schedule- just right.