Finding Approrpriate Shoes for Strenuous Shifts

Finding Approrpriate Shoes for Strenuous Shifts

In a society where we’re often expected to “tough it out,” (especially when it comes to the workplace) we may ignore telltale signs of ill-fitting shoes, like back aches, knee aches, and leg cramps. You may think that these symptoms could be the result of walking- lots of walking, but maybe that’s not all. Maybe you’re wearing the wrong type of shoe, or maybe you need an upgrade. Even though your shoes may still look like they’re new, they could be too worn to continue wearing. So let’s go shopping! Below we’ll review a few factors to consider when searching for a new pair of nursing shoes!

Don’t Skimp on Your Shoes

One of the most important factors to remember is to not go cheap- don’t skimp on buying new shoes. Your back and feet will need extra protection during your shifts, so you’ll need shoes that fit perfectly, offer more-than-adequate support, and are durable enough to last through many hours of standing, walking, and jogging.

Style & Comfort

You’ll want a pair of shoes that suits your style- and maybe even matches your favorite Blue Sky scrubs. Don’t worry about “breaking in,” your new shoes. They should fit comfortably in the store. So if you find a pair that suits your fancy, and they fit just right, go for it!


Hospital floors can be slippery, and you’ll need to be able to turn corners at a fast pace without the risk of slipping or rolling an ankle. Test out the traction of your shoes before purchasing them to make sure they’ll work out.

Try Running Shoes

If your dress code allows sports shoes, try looking at a store that caters to runners. Store associates can help you find the right shoe for your gait, which will cut out a lot of time spent researching. Runners’ shoes are great for the type of work you’ll be doing- just make sure you’re not violating dress code!