Finding a Suitable Lab Coat

Finding a Suitable Lab Coat

Whether you’re searching for the perfect coat for your new career, or you’re retiring an oldie, there are a few things to consider before finalizing your purchase. Below we’ll review a few deciding factors, and also introduce you to an elegant, modern collection of lab coats from Blue Sky Co.

Determine What You Need

When you set out to go shopping, first determine what exactly you’ll need out of your new lab coat. What type of environment will you work in?

Protection & Utility

First things first: your safety takes priority over your comfort. If you’re working around potentially dangerous chemicals, make sure your lab coat is made of a flame-resistant material… just in case.

Next, make sure your new lab coat has an adequate amount of pocket space; this is more important than most people consider! But it's true: when you’re on the go, you’ll need quick access to the tools of your trade: your smartphone, your notepad- whatever fits inside!

Fit & Style

What are your personal preferences, when it comes to dressing for work? Do you prefer a looser fit, or a slim cut? Do you typically run warm, or cold? Cotton fabrics are more weighted than others; if you sweat easily, this could be something to consider.

Don’t forget- check with your employer’s dress code policy to ensure that your new lab coat follows all guidelines!

Professional Lab Coats from Blue Sky Co.

For over a decade, Blue Sky has worked to create medical scrubs that are comfortable, reliable, and professional. Our lab coats are made with 100% cotton twill fabric that is extravagantly soft to the touch. And you’ll find ample space within our coats’ three pockets: one chest pocket, and two lower utility pockets! Lastly, just like our medical scrubs, Blue Sky lab coats are easy to clean and care for. Not only does the fabric repel and release stains, but it’s also dryer-safe, for a quick, convenient wash.

If we’ve sparked your interest, visit our website and view our collection today!