Find the Perfect Staple for Your Wardrobe

                                            Find the Perfect Staple for Your Wardrobe

Are you looking for your next pair of go-to-scrubs? Well, look no further! Blue Sky Co. has the perfect staple scrubs for your work wardrobe: The Shelby and David scrubs! Sometimes we need to take it all the way back to the classics; there’s certainly nothing wrong with that. So let’s dive right into what makes these scrubs so special!

Classic Shelby Scrubs

First of all, can we talk about the fabrics that make up these scrubs? They’re the perfect, unshrinkable blend of cotton and polyester. They’re so incredibly soft, especially for scrubs. And our David scrubs mimic these fabric choices, so fellas, you have nothing to fear. Our Shelby scrubs are also made to pop with our white designer stitching! It looks beautiful against any color that you choose. You’ll love it, we just know you will. So step right up and fall in love with our perfect, classic, Shelby scrubs!

Classic David Scrubs

And finally… our Classic David scrubs. What can we say about these scrubs? We really think we’ve nailed it; you’ve never had a better staple in your wardrobe. These scrubs fit in all of the right places, and are definitely more breathable and movable than other scrub brands! Make sure you wear them as a set, and yes, they’re available in professional colors such as Slate Grey, Navy, and Jet Black! You’ll look absolutely stunning in these classic scrubs. And you’ll love your wardrobe!

If you love these scrubs, check out our entire collection on our website today! You’ll love what you find there; there are medical scrubs, and accessories that you can easily fall in love with! Accessories such as scarves, scrub caps, and even lanyards! So get ready to gear up in your new Blue Sky scrubs- and accessories! We certainly can’t wait.