Find the Perfect Scrub Cap at Blue Sky Co.

Find the Perfect Scrub Cap at Blue Sky Co.

Are you in search of the most well-fitting, stylish, perfectly patterned scrub cap? Well you’ve certainly arrived at the right place! Here at Blue Sky Co., we have scrub caps for both men and women. But the ladies have three different types of scrub caps, and we’d like to find out which cap suits you best! So below is a brief explanation of the styles and fits of these caps. Good luck finding your lucky scrub hat!

The Pony

Let’s start with the Pony scrub cap. This scrub cap is best for longer hairstyles, or rather, ponytails! It has a flap in the back that securely holds your ponytail in place, and fits perfectly. Rest assured that your hair will be completely out of the way while you do what you do best!

The Poppy

Moving on, the Poppy cap is our most versatile scrub cap yet! It fits like a bouffant style cap, so it accommodates both long and short hairstyles! You’ll love sporting this cap in all sorts of patterns! We just know that you’ll fall in love- exactly like we did.

The Pixie

Last but surely not least, we have Blue Sky Co.’s Pixie scrub hat. As its name suggests, it best suits shorter hairstyles- or pixie cuts. It looks adorable and will fit your hairstyle to the T. Explore the many patterns we have available and find one that suits you best!

And so there you have it! Now you know exactly which cap you should be looking for, and you can find the pattern that suits your style best! We know you’ll love Blue Sky scrub caps; they’re made to be just as luxurious as our medical scrubs and other accessories. To view more of our collection, simply log online to our website today!