Find The Perfect Jacket, Vest or Hoodie: Men's Scrub Outerwear

One of the most frequent complaints that medical scrub workers have about their work environment is that they’re too cold, and their flimsy scrubs isn’t adequate when it comes to keeping them warm and comfortable. But you also can’t just put on a heavy jacket or coat at work that makes you too hot or restricts your movement in any way. Here at Blue Sky, we’ve come up with some seamless solutions to this problem with our lightweight, comfortable outerwear that’s perfect for a clinical environment. We recently put out a blog about our women’s outerwear, so now its the men’s turn!

Summit Softshell Jacket

The first jacket we’ll look at is the simple, stylish and highly functional Summit Softshell. This amazing jacket has an ultra-soft microfleece interior, ample pocket space for storage, and its made with 100% polyester.

Aspen Stretch Hybrid Jacket

For something with even less weight, try out the versatile Aspen Stretch Hybrid Jacket. Its moisture-wicking, so it's great to wear outside even in the rain. Its also super stretchy, cool and breathable.

Harrison Hoodie

This outerwear options is where cozy meets utility. It's made with a blend of cotton and polyester, so it keeps you nice and warm, and the hood helps a lot too. It's also got two sizeable front pockets for storage. This hoodie is so comfy that you won’t even want to take it off when you’re off the clock!

Highland Stretch Vest

If you want the warmth of the extra layer but you feel like sleeves may get in the way of your work, then the Highland Stretch Vest is perfect for you. And as the name implies, this vest is extremely stretchy to help you move more comfortably. To check out the Highland Stretch Vest or any of the other outerwear options mentioned here, just visit the Blue Sky Scrubs website.