Find Simplicity in Blue Sky Scrubs

Find Simplicity in Blue Sky Scrubs

Sometimes all you need is simple. All you need is to keep it classic. Well here at Blue Sky Co., you can do just that with your medical wardrobe. Let us walk you through our closet of Classic Shelby, David, and Simple scrubs! You’ll be thrilled with this collection as they really do keep Blue Sky scrubs, well, classic.

Classic Shelby Scrubs

Our Classic Shelby scrubs are just the beginning of an entire collection of luxurious scrubwear! First of all, they’re available in a wide variety of colors, so you can take your pick, and show off your style! But they’ll also fit you to the T, and they’re made of wonderfully soft material. And of course, around the chest pocket you’ll find our signature white designer stitching!

Classic David Scrubs

Blue Sky’s Classic David scrubs are certainly a staple for your wardrobe! They fit phenomenally, and are tried and true. In these scrubs, you’ll look sharp and professional for sure. They’re very lightweight (for scrubs) and are made out of the perfect fabric blend of 65% polyester and 35% cotton. You’ll look great and feel great- that’s a bonus, right?

Classic Simple Scrubs

Finally, we have our Classic Simple scrubs for women. Available in professional colors like Jet Black, Navy Blue, Slate Grey, and Ceil Blue, these scrubs are bound to suit your tastes! They’re definitely tailored right where you want them to be. They fit relaxed, and have side slits at the hips to help you move around more freely. You’ll love these scrubs! We know it’s true.

So you see friends, sometimes all you need to do is find some simplicity out of your wardrobe! It can feel really great. And here at Blue Sky Co., we’re all about providing that for you. Just log online to our website today!