Festive Prints and Patterns for Your Scrub Uniform

This holiday season, why not add a festive touch to your scrub uniform? Blue Sky Co. can help out, with all of our scrub hat prints and patterns! Check out these seven patterns we’ve picked out for you; we hope you love them!

Bellismas Plumas is a perfect pattern for Thanksgiving, with its colorful feathers decorating a sienna brown background. The feathers are beautiful, with pastel colors decorating them, making them pop!

Bulbs Aglow will bring merriment to your workday. Against a red background, Christmas bulbs decorate this scrub cap in colors of lime green, pastel pink, and aquamarine.

Feeling your sweet tooth coming on? Candyland is the perfect festive pattern. Peppermints and red and pink candies bring life to this primrose pink background. Your patients and coworkers alike will love this design!

Daisy Confetti is a great cap for the fall weather! It’s bright and beautiful, and decorated with daisies of fall colors like orange, dandelion yellow, olive green, and merry red!

Whether you’re sporting this cap or giving it away as a Christmas gift, Christmas Ornament is a great choice. Against a jade background, you’ll find hearts, doves, Christmas trees, and traditional ornaments. Happy holidays!

Espresso Plaid is a great fall or Thanksgiving or Autumn print. It looks exactly as it sounds: plaid squares of sienna brown decorate an off white canvas! We adore this scrub cap pattern.

Snowflakes, bells, and ornaments! What more could we want in a scrub hat? Exquisite Decorations is the perfect scrub cap for the holidays. We hope you love it as much as we do.

Find these patterns and many more at Blue Sky Co.! We’re here to help the holidays feel more festive with our beautiful designs and prints. Also check out our collection of scrubwear while you’re there; we’re certain you won’t be disappointed!