Festive Patterns: Halloween Is Upon Us!

Festive Patterns: Halloween Is Upon Us!

Trick or treat! Wait- there are no tricks here, just treats! Halloween is approaching as fast as ever! Is your medical wardrobe ready? Lucky for you, Blue Sky Co., has the scoop on Halloween prints and festive patterns! We’re here to show off our favorites, and we hope you adore them just like we do!

This first pattern, named Candy Corn Crush shows off the most staple candy of Halloween: candy corn! Against a jet black canvas, you’ll find sweet candy corn figures that’ll remind you of your favorite season: fall.

There’s nothing creepy at all about this pattern, titled Creepy Clothesline! On its green background you’ll find adorable pieces of a costume that are just waiting to come together! We think they create a masterpiece!

Freaky Fright is another one of our favorites! It features several adorable characters: bats, ghosts, witches, and more! Perfect for showing off your good taste.

Friday the 13th is a cartoonish print of Halloween’s most spooky characters. It’s that time of year folks! Wait… Already?

This print, called Happy Halloween, features a festive scene of trick or treaters! It’s fashionable, adorable, and perfect for this season! You coworkers and patients will love it.

Haunted Haberdashery is a favorite pattern that features decorative witches’ hats against a jet black background. It’s cute, quirky, and a must-have for Halloween!

Blue Sky’s Olive Green scrub cap would look festive paired with a set of jet black scrubs! So if you’re a fan of solids or your dress code is a bit restricted, you know where to find this lovely cap!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this quick tour through our most festive scrub cap patterns! For more, visit our website today- we know you’ll fall in love!