Falling Into Perfect Scrubwear

Falling Into Perfect Scrubwear

Here at Blue Sky Co., we know it’s simple. All you’ve ever wanted is scrubwear that suits your needs, all of them! They need to be comfortable, but not baggy. They need to fit well. They need to be soft and smooth to the touch, but remain durable. We get it. And we’ve created just that: scrubwear that is nearly perfect (and we say “nearly,” simply because nothing is perfect, but these scrubs come close).

Medleisure Fabric

First of all, let’s talk Blue Sky’s fabrics. They’re certainly something to brag about! Everything we create is made with the finest fabrics found around the world. But we also have scrubs that are made with what we call medleisure fabric, which is basically when scrubwear and athletic fabric combine!

Odor Resistant Technology

Some of our medical scrubs are also made with what we call odor resistant technology! That means that your scrubwear will keep smelling fresh all throughout those insane shifts! Of course, you will have to wash them eventually; they won’t stay fresh forever. But this technology definitely helps with odor!

Customizable Scrubs

Another brilliant thing about Blue Sky Co. is that we offer customizable scrubwear! Do you need a longer pant leg? No problem. Do you need a shorter scrub top, or different stitching, or a different pocket placement? We’ve got your back! You can customize your scrubs until they’re everything you absolutely dreamed of.

We can’t quite explain in words how wonderful Blue Sky Co. is. You’ll have to try out our scrubs for yourself, and see what all of our fuss is about! So this fall, go ahead: log online to our website and take a look at what we have to offer. We have medical scrubs of all different types, scrub caps, lab coats, vests, jackets, even! We’ll outfit you in exactly what you need to do your best at work!